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Gender: Girl Meaning: Pure Origin: English Pronunciation: KAY te LEE Related Names: Kaity-Lee, Kaity-Leigh, Katey-Lee, Katy-Lee

Katie-Leigh: Popularity

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3536th most popular girls name in the UK

9 recorded births
in 2012

User rating:  Star: on Star: on Star: on Star: off Star: off ( 3.19 from 95 votes )

Additional information about the name Katie-Leigh:

Double barrel names can be made up of any two names. Very often the separate meanings of the two root names do not make sense when combined together, so we shall look at them separately. Katie came about as a pet form of the name Catherine which is from the Greek word ‘katharos’ the meaning being ‘Pure’. Katie is now used as a name in its own right. Leigh is of Old English origin, from an Old English surname meaning ‘Clearing in Woods’. The two are favourite names in Britain.

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