Meaning:Fair warrior


Pronunciation:FIN lee

Variations:Finley, Finly, Fynlay

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About Finlay

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Finlay is a very popular boys name that has gained popularity in recent years. It can also be a surname as well as a given name.

Detailed Meaning

Occasionally cropping up as a girl’s name, Finlay is the anglicised form of Scottish name Fionnlagh, meaning ‘fair warrior.’ It is part of a growing trend of surnames being used as first names.

Famous People With This Name

Finlay Mickel is a Scottish skier who competed in the 2006 Olympics. Finlay Currie was a Scottish actor, know for his role in 1946’s “Great Expectations.” Finlay Freundlich was a German astronomer.

Possible Nicknames

An obvious nickname if Fin, a name that can be used even into adulthood. Another option could be Ley, although that is more unusual.

Related Names

Finlay can also be spelt Finley, Finly and Fynlay.

Stories Featuring This Name

There are not many stories featuring this name, although Finlay is the name of a British Indie rock band and also the name of a comet.

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