Pronunciation:mah ee sha

Variations:Aisha, Maesha, Maishah

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About Maisha

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Maisha is a great choice for parents looking for a spin on the more common Aisha. It is a lovely, feminine sounding name that would be great for any baby girl.

Detailed Meaning

Maisha is a variant of the feminine name Aisha which is of Arabic origin. It was the name of the third wife of the prophet Muhammad, and is a very popular Muslim name, found often in Arab communities. Its meaning is said to be ‚Äėprosperous.’

Famous People With This Name

As this is a rare spelling of the name Aisha, there are not many famous people with this exact spelling. However, Aisha Tyler is an American comedian and actress, Aisha is a British reggae singer, and Aisha Syed Castro is a famous violinist from the Dominican Republic.

Possible Nicknames

Possible nickname options for Maisha include Mai, Ai, or even ShaSha.

Related Names

Maisha can also be spelt Maesha and Maishah. A related name is Aisha.

Stories Featuring This Name

Aisha is the name of a 2010 Indian film. Aisha Campbell is a character in “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” Aisha Krishnam is a character in the Japanese anime, “Sky Girls.”

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