Meaning:labour; strength


Pronunciation:mill lee


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About Millie

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Millie is a wonderfully modern and adorable spin off from a name that many would now consider somewhat dowdy. It is also a popular girl’s name choice, often appearing in’s top girls names lists.

Detailed Meaning

Millie was originally used as the pet form of Millicent, but is now a first name in its own right. The name shares the same meaning as Millicent, and both convey a sense of hard work and a good work ethic.

Famous People With This Name

Millie Jackson is an American R&B singer, Millie Mackintosh is a British reality television star who is in “Made in Chelsea,” and Millie Bobby Brown is a young British actress best known for her role as the character Eleven in the Netflix original series, “Stranger Things.”

Possible Nicknames

Some possible nicknames for Millie are Mil, Mimi, Milz, Lee or Lili.

Related Names

You can spell Millie in a variety of different ways but here are just a few ideas – Milli, Mili, Milly and Milee. Names that sound simliar include Milla or Mila, although they have different meanings. It is also related to Millicent, as mentioned above, as well as being a short form for names such as Emily, Mildred, Camilla and Amelia.

Stories Featuring This Name

“Meet Millie” is a 1950s American sitcom featuring Millie as the main character, “Millie the Model” was a long running humourours comic that is still being produced today, “Thoroughly Modern Millie” is a musical featuring a Millie, and Millie Mouse is Minnie Mouse’s niece.

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