Meaning:son of my right hand


Pronunciation:ben jah min

Variations:Ben, Benny, Benedick, Benedict

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About Benjamin

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Originally a Hebrew name (spelt Binyamin), which translates to “son of my right [hand]”, Benjamin is a traditional and biblical name.

Detailed Meaning

In the Old Testament, Benjamin is the name borne by the youngest of the twelve sons of Jacob. His mother Rachel died giving birth to him and in her last moments named him Benoni, meaning ‘son of my sorrow’. His father did not wish him to bear such an ill-omened name and renamed him Benyamin.

Today, the name is often given to the youngest child in a family, particularly in Jewish families.

Famous People With This Name

Scientist and one of the United States’ founding fathers Benjamin Franklin is the most notable namesake.

There are also lots of male celebrities with the name Benjamin, although many shorten it to Ben. Ben Affleck and Ben Stiller were both christened Benjamin.

Possible Nicknames

There are lots of potential nicknames for Benjamin – the most common being Ben. Benny, Benjie and Benno are also all options, as is the slightly less obvious Jamie!

Related Names

This is the most common spelling for this name but Ben can be registered as a name in its own right (rather than a nickname) as can Benji. Benedick and Benedict are similar sounding names.

Stories Featuring This Name

“The Tale of Benjamin Bunny by Beatrix Potter” (originally published in 1904) is a classic and much-loved children’s story that has been adapted and reprinted many times over the years. British author Jonathan Coe’s “The Rotters’ Club” and sequel “The Closed Circle” also feature a main character called Benjamin Trotter.

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