Pronunciation:cath er in

Variations:Katharine, Katherine, Kathryn, Catharin, Catharine, Catharyn, Catherin, Catheryn, Cathryn, Katharin, Katherin, Katheryn

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About Catherine

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Catherine is a wonderful girl’s name for parents who are looking for something a bit longer with multiple syllables. This name is also perfect for those who want to personalise the spelling, as there are many spelling variations of Catherine.

Detailed Meaning

Catherine is an English name that can be traced back to the Greek name Aikaterina. It is linked to the word ‘katharos’ meaning ‘pure.’ The name was introduced to England in the medieval period.

Famous People With This Name

Catherine, better known as Kate, Middleton is the Duchess of Cambridge and is the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Catherine Zeta-Jones is a Welsh actress best known for her roles in the films “Traffic” and “Chicago.” Catherine Deneuve is a French actress who has worked with famous French directors such as Roman Polanski and Francois Truffaut. Catherine Tate is a British comedic actress known for playing the Tenth Doctor’s companion on “Doctor Who” and “The Catherine Tate Show.”

Possible Nicknames

There are many nickname options for the name Catherine: Cat/Kat, Cathy/Kathy, Kate and Catie/Caty/Katie/Katy.

Related Names

Catherine is one of the more flexible names when it comes to spelling and can be spelt in many different ways, including: Catharin, Catharine, Catharyn, Catherin, Catheryn, Cathryn, Katharin, Katharine, Katherin, Katherine, Katheryn and Kathryn.

Stories Featuring This Name

Catherine Earnshaw is a main character in the classic novel, “Wuthering Heights.” Catherine Willows was a main character in the American crime show, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” Catherine Tramell is the main character of the movie “Basic Instinct,” played by Sharon Stone.

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