Pronunciation:meh rin

Variations:Merrin, Meryn

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About Merryn

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Merryn is a wonderful baby girl’s name for those looking for something traditionally Cornish/English in nature. It also has a great meaning and would be perfect for any happy baby girls.

Detailed Meaning

Merryn is a name of either Cornish or Old English origin, said to mean ‘joyful.’ St Merryn is the name of a village in Cornwall and the name may have originally been given to girls born here.

Famous People With This Name

Merryn Someret Webb is a British financial journalist, radio and television commentator, and current editor-in-chief of “MoneyWeek” magazine, as well as contributing to many other financial publications. Merryn Glover is a British playwright who lives in the highlands of Scotland.

Possible Nicknames

Nickname options for Merryn include Mery/Meri or simply Mer.

Related Names

Merryn can also be spelt Merrin and Meryn.

Stories Featuring This Name

Merryn is the main character of the video game, “Song of the Deep.”

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