Pronunciation:GREG ger ree

Variations:Gregorey, Gregorie

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About Gregory

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Gregory is a strong boy’s name that is classic and traditional. The great thing about this name is that it can also be shorted to a more modern sounding “Greg.” This is a wonderful name and very customisable.

Detailed Meaning

Gregory comes from a Greek word meaning ‘sentry’. It was introduced to England by St Gregory the Great and has been a popular boy’s name since the Norman Conquest.

Famous People With This Name

Gregory Peck was an American actor most famous for his role as Atticus Finch in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Gregory Hines was an American dancer, singer, actor and choreographer. Gregory Davis is a Welsh comedian and actor.

Possible Nicknames

Gregory can be shortened to Greg or Greggy, for a more affectionate nickname.

Related Names

Gregory can also be spelt Gregorey or Gregorie. A related name is also Greg, which is its shortened form but also a name in itself.

Stories Featuring This Name

Greg Lestrade is the detective inspector who gives Sherlock gruesome cases to solve on BBC’s “Sherlock.” Gregory Goyle is part of Draco Malfoy’s gang in the “Harry Potter” series. Greg Brady is the eldest son of the Brady family in the iconic American show, “The Brady Bunch.”

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