Meaning:god is gracious


Pronunciation:kee yan

Variations:Keyan, Kian, Keane

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About Kiyan

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Kiyan is a boy’s name that has gained popularity in recent years and for good reason too – it sounds fresh and modern, even though it has very traditional roots.

Detailed Meaning

Kiyan is a boy’s name of Gaelic and Hebrew origins. It is a variant of Ewan, from John, meaning ‘God is gracious’. In recent years the name has been associated with the American girl’s name Kiana, both of which have risen in popularity.

Famous People With This Name

While this name is gaining popularity, it was a relatively rare name choice before and as such, there are not many famous people with this name.

Possible Nicknames

Kiyan could be shortened to Ki or Yan, or for a more affectionate nickname, KiKi could be used (although that is a name in itself, and might become confusing.)

Related Names

Similar names include Kian and Keane and while they sound similar, the have different meanings so be careful not to get them mixed up. Kiyan can also be spelled Keyan, and both of those names have the same meanings.

Stories Featuring This Name

Again, because it is a fairly rare name, there are not any stories that feature this name.

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