Meaning:who is like god?


Pronunciation:my cool

Variations:Mikael, Mikail, Mikhail, Micael, Micel, Michel, Michul, Mikal

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About Michael

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Michael is a very popular name throughout history and always a favourite with parents the world over. While it is a rather common name, it is still a very good choice for a baby boy.

Detailed Meaning

Michael is a biblical name borne by an archangel protector of the Hebrews, regarded as a Catholic saint. The name was also borne by a Persian prince mentioned in the Book of Daniel. Michael has been a relentlessly popular name since the early 20th century.

Famous People With This Name

Michal Jackson was a famous American singer known as “The King of Pop.” Michael Jordan is an American basketball player and one of the most well-known athletes in the world. Michael Caine is a British actor who has appeared in over 115 films and is a British film icon.

Possible Nicknames

Nickname options for Michael include Mike, Mickey, Mikey and Mick.

Related Names

Michael can also be spelt Micael, Micel, Michel, Michul, Mikal, Mikael, Mikail and Mikhail.

Stories Featuring This Name

Michal Clayton is the titular character of the 2007 film of the same name, played by George Clooney. Michael is the main character of the 1996 film, “Michael,” played by John Travolta. Michael Scott is the main character of the US version of “The Office.” Michael Corlone is one of the characters in the film “The Godfather.”

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