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About Queenie

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Queenie is a distinctly royal sounding name – after all, it was used as a nickname for Queen Victoria herself! This is perfect for parents looking for a unique and very British name.

Detailed Meaning

A pet form of the affectionate nickname ‘Queen’. It was also used as a pet name for Victoria, as the name is heavily linked with that of the English Queen. The word is sourced from the Old English ‘cwen’, meaning ‘woman’.

Famous People With This Name

Queenie Smith was an American actress who worked all the way up to the year of her death in 1978, at age 80. Queenie Watts was a British actress and occasional singer. Queenie Chu is a Hong Kong television presenter and actress.

Possible Nicknames

Since Queenie is already considered a pet name, it is rather difficult to come up with a nickname for it.

Related Names

Queenie can also be spelt Queeney, Queeny and Queeni.

Stories Featuring This Name

Queenie Goldstein is a character in the recently film, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” a Harry Potter spin off film. Queenie is also a character on a number of shows, including “Blackadder,” “EastEnders,” the musical “Show Boat” and the book and film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

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