Meaning:bright fame


Pronunciation:rob in

Variations:Robin, Robinn

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About Robyn

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Robyn is a lovely unisex name that would be a good choice for parents who particularly like birds or are looking for a baby name with an animal meaning.

Detailed Meaning

A popular feminine spelling of the name Robin, especially common in the US.

Famous People With This Name

Robyn Lawley is an Australian model. Robyn Lively  is an American actress she is best known for her role in the film “Teen Witch.” Robyn Carlsson is a Swedish pop singer, better known as Robyn.

Possible Nicknames

Some possible nicknames for are Robbie and Rob.

Related Names

Alternative spellings include Robinn and Robin.

Stories Featuring This Name

Robyn Starling is one of the main characters in the children’s film, “Tom and Jerry: The Movie.” Robyn Miller is a character on the long running medical drama, “Casulty.”

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