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About Rufus

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This is one name that is perfect for any redheaded baby boy! It is also a name that has been popular throughout history and will stand up to the test of time well.

Detailed Meaning

Rufus comes from the Latin nickname meaning ‘red-haired.’

Famous People With This Name

Rufus Sewell is an English actor who has appeared in films such as “A Knight’s Take” and “Gods of Egypt.” Rufus Thomas is an American R&B Singer. Rufus Wainwright is an Canadian singer-songwriter.

Possible Nicknames

A possible nickname option is Ruf (although it could be confused with the sound a dog makes when it barks!)

Related Names

Rufus can also be spelt Ruffus.

Stories Featuring This Name

Rufus Humphrey is a character in the American television show, “Gossip Girl.” Rufus Scrimgeour is character from the “Harry Potter” series. Rufus Turner is character from the television series, “Supernatural.”

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