Snow White


Meaning:white as snow



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About Snow White

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Snow White is the main character of Disney’s first ever animated feature-length film in 1937. She is the first official Disney princess and was the basis for later princesses, such as Cinderella and Aurora. Her story is as famous as the character herself – her wicked stepmother, the Evil Queen, was jealous of Snow White’s beauty and forces her to become a maid. The Queen knows that one day her beauty will be surpassed by Snow White’s, and sends a huntsman to kill her. Unable to do so when faced with the task, the huntsman lets her go and Snow White meets the Seven Dwarfs and stay with them. She is eventually tricked into eating a poisoned apple, but is awakened by the Prince’s kiss. Snow White’s name was most likely created solely for this film, and the meaning is evident in the name itself.

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