Pronunciation:so fee uh

Variations:Sofiya, Sophia, Sofiyah

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About Sofia

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Sofia is a beautiful name with a great meaning. It is a great choice for parents looking for a name for their very clever baby girl.

Detailed Meaning

Sofia is a variant of Sophia, the capital city of Bulgaria. The name is Greek and means ‘wisdom.’

Famous People With This Name

Sofia Richie is the daughter of the famous singer, Lionel Richie. Sofia Kovalevskaya was a Russian Mathematician, who created the Cauchy- Kovalevski theorem. Sofia Berntson is a Swedish singer who took part in the Eurovision song contest in 2007 and 2009.

Possible Nicknames

Some possible nickname options are Saffi and Sofi/Sophie.

Related Names

Alternative spellings for Sofia include: Sofiya, Sofiyah or Sophia.

Stories Featuring This Name

Sofia is the main character in the Disney animated television show “Sofia the First.” Sofia Curtis is a fictional character from the American crime drama show “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” played by the British actress Louise Lombard.

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