Meaning:garland; crown


Pronunciation:steh fah nee

Variations:Stefanee, Stefanie, Stephanee

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About Stephanie

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Stephanie is a wonderful, modern sounding name that has been popular through time. It is also the name of many talented women, so it would be a great choice for any baby girl.

Detailed Meaning

Stephanie comes from the same derivative as Stephen and means ‘garland’ or ‘crown.’

Famous People With This Name

Stephanie Davis is a British actress known for her role in “Hollyoaks” and also her stint on “Celebrity Big Brother.” Stephanie Germanotta is the real name of American musician Lady Gaga. Stephanie “Stevie” Nicks is an American musician, frontwoman of the band Fleetwood Mac and known as the ‘Queen of Rock n’ Roll.’

Possible Nicknames

Nickname options for Stephanie include Steph and Stephy/Stephie.

Related Names

Stephanie can also be spelt Stefanee, Stefanie and Stephanee. The male form of this name is Stephan.

Stories Featuring This Name

Stephanie Crawford is a character in the classic American novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Stephanie Tanner is a character on the classic television show, “Full House.” Stephanie Scully is a character in the Australian soap opera, “Neighbours.”

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