Pronunciation:vin sent

Variations:Vincenzo, Vinsent

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About Vincent

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Vincent is a very bold and strong name with a great artistic connotation as well. This would be a great choice for parents who want to choose a classical name for their baby boy.

Detailed Meaning

The name Vincent comes out of the Latin word ‘Vincentis.’ It is most famously borne by artist Vincent van Gogh.

Famous People With This Name

Some famous bearers of the name include: Vincent Cassel, a French actor know for his roles in “Eastern Promises,” the “Oceans” trilogy and “Black Swan,” Vincent DiMaggio was the brother of Joe and Dom DiMaggio, all three of whom were major league baseball players and of course, Vincent Van Gogh, the Dutch painter who famously cut off his own ear.

Possible Nicknames

Vincent is a name that has many nickname possibilities: Vince, Vinny/Vinnie and Vin are just a few options to choose from.

Related Names

Vincent can also be spelt as Vinsent. A related name is Vincenzo.

Stories Featuring This Name

Vincent¬†Corleone is a character in “The Godfather III,” played by Andy Garcia. Vincent Vega is one of the main characters of the film “Pulp Fiction,” played by John Travolta. Vincent Crabbe is one of the bully characters in the “Harry Potter” series.

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