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About Aqsa

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Aqsa is a very religious name that has its roots deep in the Islamic faith, so perhaps should only be used by parents who have this cultural background.

Detailed Meaning

Aqsa is an Islamic feminine name. The name Aqsa originates from Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, the second-oldest mosque in Islam.

Famous People With This Name

Since this is a fairly rare name that is not much used outside of Arabic-speaking countries, there are not many famous people with this name.

Possible Nicknames

One possible nickname for Aqsa could be SaSa, which is quite cute and affectionate.

Related Names

Another spelling of the name is Aksa and has the same meaning as Aqsa.

Stories Featuring This Name

As stated above, Aqsa comes from the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and is the third holiest site for the Islamic faith. It is said that Muhammad was taken to this mosque from Mecca and directed his prayers to this site for seventeen months after his move.

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