Meaning:man; earth


Pronunciation:ad dum

Variations:-Coming Soon-

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About Adam

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If you are looking for a strong boy’s name, Adam is a great choice. After all, he is the original man, created by God so that he may have dominion over all living creatures. This name has an innate sense of leadership and strength because of this.

Stories Featuring This Name

According to the bible, Adam is the name of the first man on earth. The name derives from adama, which means ‘earth’ in Hebrew. God supposedly fashioned the first humans from earth and clay, breathing life into them. In Hebrew, it generically means ‘man’, and hence is not widely adopted as a given name.

Stories Featuring This Name

Several famous actors have this name, with the most well-known one being Adam Sandler, the American comedic actor. Adam Scott is another American actor known for his role as Ben on “Parks and Recreation.” Adam Levine is the lead singer of the band “Maroon 5” while Adam Lambert is also a singer and runner-up on the eighth season of American Idol.

Stories Featuring This Name

Adam is a rather difficult name to make a nickname for, but possible options include Addy, Ad, Add or even Addo. Frankly, the first part of the name is a really great option for a nickname but the second half of the name, not so much…

Stories Featuring This Name

Adam has several related names, including Adamina (the female form of Adam), Aadam and Adem, which are different spellings of the name. All of these names share the same meaning.

Stories Featuring This Name

The most famous story involving Adam is the biblical story from the Book of Genesis. God created Adam (and later, Eve as his companion) and gave him dominion over all of His creations, allowing him to make his home in the Garden of Eden. God’s only rule was that neither Adam or Eve would eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Of course, we know that Adam and Eve break that rule and they are tricked by Satan in a serpent’s disguise into eating an apple from the tree, thus banishing all of mankind from Eden and causing them to fall to Earth.

Adam is also a popular name in soap operas, and there is an Adam on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Emmerdale,” “EastEnders,” “All My Children,” “Hollyoaks,” and “Neighbours.”

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