Pronunciation:uh mee lee uh

Variations:Amelia, Amilia, Emelia, Emilia, Emilija

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About Amelia

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Amelia is one of the most popular names in the UK, and is frequently found in the top 10 of any popular girl’s name lists. It is lovely and feminine, so it’s no wonder so many parents chose it!

Detailed Meaning

One of the most popular girls’ names in Britain, Amelia is comprised of the Latin name Emilia and the Germanic name Amalia.

Famous People With This Name

Amelia Earhart was an American aviator and feminist who disappeared and was never found during her flight across the globe in 1937. Amelia Bullmore is a British actress best known for her role in “Scott and Bailey.” Amelia Bloomer was an 19th-century American feminist who also gave her name to the article of clothing.

Possible Nicknames

Possible nicknames for Amelia include Am, Milly/Millie, or Lia.

Related Names

Amelia can also be spelt Amelia, Amilia, Emelia, Emilia and Emilija.

Stories Featuring This Name

Amelia Bedelia is the main character of the children’s book series of the same name. Amelia Bones is a character in the Harry Potter series. Amelia Sedley is a main character in William Thackery’s “Vanity Fair.” Amelia “Amy” Pond is the companion of the Eleventh Doctor in the television series, “Doctor Who.”

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