Meaning:behold a son


Pronunciation:roo bin

Variations:Reuben, Rueben, Rubin

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About Ruben

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Ruben is a strong sounding boy’s name and may be a fitting name for an unexpected baby boy.

Detailed Meaning

Ruben is a Spanish spelling variant of the Hebrew Reuben. Its meaning in Hebrew is ‘behold a son.’

Famous People With This Name

Famous people who share this name include Grammy award winning R&B singer Ruben Studdard, Rubén Blades is a Panamanian singer, songwriter and actor and Ruben Loftus-Cheek is an English footballer who is a midfielder for Chelsea.

Possible Nicknames

Possible nicknames for Ruben include Ben, Benny or even Ru/Roo.

Related Names

Ruben can also be spelt Reuben and Rueben.

Stories Featuring This Name

Reuben is an alien character from the children’s show, “Lilo and Stitch.” Reuben is a pig character in the video game, “Minecraft.” Reuben is a character from the video game “Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.”

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