Variations:Gwenn, Gwyn

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About Gwen

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Gwen has a wonderful Welsh-ness to it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it if you aren’t Welsh! It also has a medieval sounding quality to it, which we think makes it traditional and classic.

Detailed Meaning

Gwen is both an independent name and the shortened form of the names Gwendolen and Gwyneth.

Famous People With This Name

Gwen Stefani is an American pop-rock and R&B singer best known for being part of the band, No Doubt, before going solo. Gwen Guthrie was an American pianist and singer. Gwen Verdon was an American actress and dancer, and second wife of Bob Fosse.

Possible Nicknames

Because Gwen is a short, one-syllable name, it is difficult to come up with nicknames for it. Gwenny/Gwennie could be one possibility, however,

Related Names

Gwen can also be spelt Gwenn and Gwyn. Related names include Gwendolen and Gwyneth.

Stories Featuring This Name

Gwen Cooper is a character in the sci-fi television show, “Torchwood.” Gwen Stacy is a love interest for Spiderman in the comics and the movie series. Gwen, short for Guinevere, is a character in the BBC show, “Merlin.”

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