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About Aadi

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Because of its unique Sanskrit roots, Aadi is a great name for parents looking for something that is a bit more out there. It also has a great meaning, one that is positive with a great outlook for the future.

Detailed Meaning

Aadi is the fourth month of the Tamil calendar. Originating from the Sanskrit language, it means first or beginning, representative of a new start. It is modern variant of the traditional Indian Hindu name, Aditya.

Famous People With This Name

Aadi (who is actually born Aditya Pudipeddi) is a famous Indian film actor and accomplished cricketer, who is known for his works in Telugu (one of the official languages of India) cinema. His role in the 2012 film “Lovely” was highly praised by critics. Similarly, Aadhi Pinisetty is also an Indian film actor and Adhi Ramachandran Venkatapathy is the lead vocalist for the Indian music duo, Hiphop Tamizha.

Possible Nicknames

Nicknames for Aadi is perhaps best generated from the later part of the name, as “Aa” sounds quite strange on its own. One idea is “Di” or even “Didi” for an even more affectionate name. Another possible nickname could be “Addy.”

Related Names

An obvious related name is Aditya, which is the original Hindu form of Aadi, meaning “of Aditi,” referring to the mother of the Gods. Another version of this name is Aahdi and it has the same meaning as well.

Stories Featuring This Name

Aadi is the name of three different Indian films and also an album by Syrian singer Asalah Nasri. Perhaps the most famous version of the film is the 2002 one, as it was one of the highest grossing films of the year in India. This film follows Aadi Keshava Reddy, a young man who returns to his homeland after 14 years to take revenge on the man who killed his family.

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