Meaning:gods grace


Pronunciation:ah mar ah

Variations:Amara, Ammara

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About Amarah

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Amarah is a different spelling of the more common Amara, which makes it unique in itself. This is a good choice for parents who want something just slightly different from the traditional, but not too out there.

Detailed Meaning

Amarah is a name that can come from two separate origins. It could be the pet form of Amarachi, an African name that can be used for both boy and girls. It comes from the language of the Igbo people who take it to mean ‘God’s grace.’ The name is not very common outside of Africa, however, its use has spread to other countries with migrating families. Alternatively, it could be of Arabic origin were it is a feminine name derived from an Arabic word which is said to mean ‘eternal.’ This name is most commonly found used by Muslim parents.

Famous People With This Name

Since Amarah is the less common version of the name Amara, there are not many famous people whose name have this exact spelling.

Possible Nicknames

A great nickname option for Amarah is Mara, which is a much snappier version of the name.

Related Names

Related names include Amara and Ammara, which are different spellings of the name and also have different meanings. Amarachi is also a related name with its own meaning as well.

Stories Featuring This Name

There aren’t any stories featuring the name Amarah, but it is the name of a city in south-eastern Iraq.

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