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About Beau

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This name is for parents who want to give their baby a name as beautiful as their child. Its French roots give it an elegance and grace that other names lack.

Detailed Meaning

Beau has had a surge in popularity recently. It originates from France and like Belle, its feminine counterpart, means ‘beautiful’. It can sometimes be used as a girl’s name too.

Famous People With This Name

Beau Bokan is an American musician and lead singer of the band Blessthefall, Beau Brady is an Australian actor and it is also the name of seven separate Australian rugby players.

Possible Nicknames

Since it is a short and one syllable name, Beau is rather difficult to make nick names for. A repetition of the name, BeauBeau, could perhaps act as an affectionate moniker.

Related Names

The name Beaux is merely a different spelling of Beau, and the two share the same meaning.

Stories Featuring This Name

Michael “Beau” Geste is the hero of the novel English novel, “Beau Geste,” Beau Felton is a detective in the American television show, “Homcide: Life on the Street” and Beau Richardson is a villain in the American television show “The Edge of Night.”

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