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About Baby

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Baby is a rather unique and unusual baby name, referring to an offspring of a human or animal.

Detailed Meaning

The name is most likely taken from the English vocabulary word of the same spelling. It is also often used as a term of endearment. While we’ve listed it as a boy’s name, it could also be used for girls.

Famous People With This Name

While there are a number of celebrities with this name, none of them are particularly high profile. The most infamous use of the name is still probably the character of ‘Baby’ in the hit film Dirty Dancing (although this was a nickname – her real name in the film is Frances).

Possible Nicknames

Baby is quite a hard name to shorten as the sounds in the name don’t really work on their own Ba or By. You could potentially shorten to Babe but this has other colloquial connotations. The name Baby itself could be a nickname alongside a more traditional name.

Related Names

Babee and Babi offer alternative spellings. Junior also offers an unusual name along the same lines as the name Baby – referring specifically to the offspring of the parent.

Stories Featuring This Name

As this is still a fairly rare name, we cannot track down many stories featuring this name. However, in Janet Alhberg’s famous children’s story Bye Bye Baby, the main character is referred to as Baby throughout – although it’s not clear if this is just because the reader isn’t told the baby’s name.

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