Pronunciation:DON na

Variations:Dona, Donnah

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About Donna

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Donna is a perfect name for any little lady in your life. It might not be the most popular name choice, but perhaps that is a good thing for parents looking for something that is traditional but not overused.

Detailed Meaning

The name Donna comes from the Italian word for ‘lady’ and was first taken up by English speakers in the early 20th century.

Famous People With This Name

Donna Tartt is an American writer who won the Pulitzer Price for fiction with her novel, “The Goldfinch.” Donna Karen is an American fashion designer and creator of the brand DKNY. Donna Summer was an American singer known for her disco music.

Possible Nicknames

One possible nickname for Donna can be Don, although that might be confused with the male name that is spelt the same.

Related Names

Donna can also be spelt Dona or Donnah.

Stories Featuring This Name

Donna Pinciotti was one of the main characters in the American sitcom, “That 70s Show.” Donna Noble was a companion to the Tenth Doctor in “Doctor Who,” and was played by Catherine Tate. Donna Sheridan is the main character in the musical, “Mamma Mia!”

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