Meaning:person from archy


Pronunciation:dar see

Variations:-Coming Soon-

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About Darcie

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Darcie is one of the most popular girls names on our website, and with good reason! It is modern, cool and will very likely stand the test of time. Like other French names, Darcie also evokes a sense of elegance as well.

Detailed Meaning

The name Darcy is a unisex name, but spelt Darcie it is specifically feminine. The name is derived from a surname, but the surname is found to have two separate origins. Firstly there is the French Darcy which means ‘person from Archy’ a place in France. Secondly, Darcy is an Irish surname meaning ‘descended from the dark one’. Therefore the meaning of Darcie depends upon whether the chosen name is more meaningful derived from the French or the Irish.

Famous People With This Name

Darcey Dohnal is an American speed racer who competed in the 1992 Winter Olympics, Darcie Edgemon is an American children’s book author while Darcie Vincent was a famous American women’s basketball coach.

Possible Nicknames

Darcie can possibly be shortened to Darce, or perhaps taking the second part of the name, it can be made into CeCe. Either way, both nicknames are very cute and affectionate!

Related Names

Related names include Darcey, which is just an alternative spelling of the name Darcie, and there is the unisex form of the name which is Darcy.

Stories Featuring This Name

The name Darcie is not found in many stories, as we think it is a relatively new name – perhaps it will be featured more in the future as the name gains more popularity!

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