Meaning:Day's eye


Pronunciation:DAY zee

Variations:-Coming Soon-

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About Daisy

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Daisy is beautiful name for those parents who like elegant and traditional flower names. This would ideally suit a baby girl born in the Spring or Summer time.

Detailed Meaning

The yellow centre of the flower of the same name is covered by petals come dusk and was named ‘day’s eye.’ This then became ‘daisy’ over time.

Famous People With This Name

Daisy Bates was an American civil right’s leader, Daisy Lowe is a British fashion model and Daisy Ridley, the English Actress cast, rose to fame last year for her role as Rey in “Star Wars: The force Awakens.”

Possible Nicknames

Daisy is a rather difficult name to create a nick name for, however you could try Dais or Das.

Related Names

Some alternative spellings are Daysie Dasie Daisee, Daisey, Daisi, Daisie, Dasie, Daizy, and Daysi. Related flower names include Lily, Poppy, Rose and Violet.

Stories Featuring This Name

In the Mario game series, the character Daisy is the Princess of Sarasaland and is often in need of rescue from Mario himself.
Daisy Buchanan is one of the main characters in “The Great Gatsby,” by F. Scottt Fitzgerald. Daisy Duke is the fictional character from the American comedy series “The Dukes of Hazzard.”

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