Meaning:Happy; fortunate


Pronunciation:FEE liks


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About Felix

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Felix is probably one of the happiest names and is, for that reason, perfect for the festive season. It also has a connotation of being lucky, so having a Felix around during the holidays might bring you good fortune!

Detailed Meaning

Felix is a Latin name meaning ‘happy and fortunate’. It managed to penetrate Western culture largely thanks to its positive undertones.

Famous People With This Name

One of the most well known people with this name is Felix Mndelssohn, the famous German composer and pianist. It is also the name of twenty different saints, five popes, and five bishops and priests.

Possible Nicknames

An obvious nickname choice for Felix would be Fe or Fee. Lix could also be another idea, although that is rather uncommon.

Related Names

The Italian version of the name is Felice and it is Feliks in Polish and Croatian. The female version of this name is Felicity, and they both share the same meaning of happiness and luck.

Stories Featuring This Name

Felix is the name of many different characters in a wide variety of television shows, movies and books. Perhaps the most famous fictional Felix is Felix the Cat, a cartoon from the silent film era and one of the most recognisable cartoon characters in history.

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