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About Ivy

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Like Holly, Ivy is another plant name that has slipped into the baby name world. Also like Holly, Ivy is a decidedly festive plant that is perfect for any December babies.

Detailed Meaning

The name Ivy is taken straight from the creeping green plant often seen growing on the site of buildings or gardens. Ivy is believed to represent eternity and fidelity so the name can carry these meanings. The name was popular at the beginning of the 20th century, though is far less common nowadays.

Famous People With This Name

Ivy was recently chosen by Beyoncé as a baby name for her little girl, Blue Ivy Carter. Ivy Cavendish-Bentinck was Duchess of Portland while Ivy Troutman was a famous Broadway actress.

Possible Nicknames

Ivy is one of the unfortunate names that have no nickname options as it is so incredibly short already!

Related Names

There are not any names that are related to Ivy, as it is also an English vocabulary word. As such, there are also no variations of it either.

Stories Featuring This Name

Ivy is the name of a 1947 film starring Joan Fontaine. It is based on the book “The Story of Ivy” and follows the story of Ivy Lexton, a woman who makes a game out of seducing men, even though she is already married.

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