Pronunciation:wen dee

Variations:Wendi, Wendie, Wendee

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About Wendy

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Wendy is a lovely, if slightly old-fashioned, girl’s name. It has become synonymous with “Peter Pan,” and is ideal for parents who want a name for their adventurous and imaginative baby girl.

Detailed Meaning

The name Wendy was coined by playwright J. M. Barrie, using it in the play “Peter Pan” in 1904. The name comes from the nickname ‘Fwendy-Wendy’ used for him by a child. The name peaked in the 1960s and has since declined rapidly.

Famous People With This Name

Wendy Williams is a longtime American radio host and media personality. Wendy Wilson is an American singer and daughter of The Beach Boys singer, Brian Williams. “Wendy’s” is also the name of a fast-food chain in North America, named after the founder’s daughter, Wendy Thomas.

Possible Nicknames

Nickname options for Wendy include: Wen, Wen-Wend, or Dee-dee/Didi.

Related Names

Wendy can also be spelt Wendi, Wendie and Wendee.

Stories Featuring This Name

Wendy Darling is the central hero of J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan,” Wendy Wu is the titular character of the Disney kung-fu film¬†“Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior,” and Wendy is a character from “Bob the Builder.”

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