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About Wren

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Wren is a lovely name that is definitely not in the mainstream but would be perfect for parents looking for something off the beaten track. It would also appeal to nature and bird lovers.

Detailed Meaning

Wren is a feminine name of Old English origin. It comes from the name of the little bird, the wren. It was most likely first used as a nickname for a small, dainty girl and later became used as a unisex given name. The name is not often found now.

Famous People With This Name

L’Wren Scott was an American stylist and fashion designer. Wren Blackberry is a children’s book author and creator of the “M√©trico Mesh” series of books. Wren Blair was a Canadian ice hockey coach and executive at the National Hockey League.

Possible Nicknames

One possible nickname for Wren is Wrenny/Wrennie.

Related Names

An alternative spelling of Wren is Ren.

Stories Featuring This Name

Dr. Wren Kingston is a character from the ABC television show, “Pretty Little Liars.” Wren Elessedil is a character in the Terry Brooks’ fantasy novel, “The Eflstones of Shannara.” Wren is a character in the novel “Significant Others,” part of the “Tales of the City” series by author Armistead Maupin.

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