Meaning:row of houses by a wood


Pronunciation:wuh dee

Variations:-Coming Soon-

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About Woody

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Woody came about as an abbreviation of names such as Woodrow, which comes from an Old English name for a row of houses alongside a wood. Use of the nickname Woody as a first name itself was probably bought about as a tribute name after stars who have taken the name, such as American actor/ director Woody Allen and folk singer Woody Guthrie.

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Name Gender Rank Meaning
Name Gender Rank Meaning
William Boy 14 will, desire; helmet, protection Facts
Willow Girl 20 willow tree Facts
Wilfred Boy 235 desires peace Facts
Wyatt Boy 321 brave Facts
Woody Boy 409 row of houses by a wood Facts
Wiktoria Girl 411 victory Facts
Walter Boy 429 army ruler Facts
Will Boy 442 will, desire; helmet, protection Facts
Wiktor Boy 513 conqueror Facts
Warren Boy 558 protector Facts

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