Meaning:in flower


Pronunciation:zar ruh

Variations:Zara, Zaara, Zarah, Zahraa

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About Zahra

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A different spelling of the more common Zara, Zahra is a lovely and unique name that is not so popular that it is found everywhere. This is a great choice for parents looking for something a bit more quirky.

Detailed Meaning

Zahra is a feminine name of Arabic origin and is said to mean ‘in flower.’ It is a very popular Muslim name as in Islamic belief it is the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s mother, and is often used in honour to her. It was bought to attention in Britain in 1981 when Princess Anne gave the name to her daughter.

Famous People With This Name

Zahra Aga Khan is a Swiss-born princess. Zahra Ahmadi is a British actress best known for her role on “EastEnders.” Zahra Universe is an American pop singer and actress.

Possible Nicknames

A cute nickname for Zahra could be ZaZa or perhaps even RaRa/RahRah.

Related Names

Zahra can also be spelt Zara, Zaara, Zarah and Zahraa.

Stories Featuring This Name

Zara Charmichael is a character in the show “Doctors.” Zara Morgan is a character in the British soap opera, “Hollyoaks.” Zara is also the name of the popular high street clothing store.

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