8 Parenting Hacks That Will Change Your Life as a New Parent

Parenting hack #8: Apply nappy cream with a makeup brush

Sudocrem makeup brush parenting hacks

Sudocrem is a lifesaver for lots of new parents. Any little sign of nappy rash and the cream should clear it right up.

However, while there’s no denying it’s a fab product, it’s unbelievably sticky – and applying it leaves your hands and underneath your nails caked in the stuff.

Save yourself the mess by using a makeup brush (or similar) to apply the cream. It’s also more hygienic as using your hands could mean you’re unintentionally spreading the rash.

There’s actually a specific product you can buy to do this job too – but a makeup brush works fine, and you’ll likely have a spare one indoors.

Hopefully these 8 hacks will help make your life as a parent considerably easier, but unfortunately they’re not a magic wand – so click next below for one final bonus hack…