5 Baby Girl Names That Are Going Out of Fashion

While most of the time we talk about names that are becoming increasingly fashionable or trendy, at the other end of the spectrum are names that – for one reason or another – are falling out of favour…

These 5 girl names all dropped out of the top 100 baby girl names this year according to the latest ONS data (find out which ones are the most popular 100 here). 

Clearly they’re not as en-vogue as they once were, but if you’re looking for a different girl’s name they could be just right.


Julia dropped 20 places this year to be ranked the 111th most popular baby girls name.

It’s a pretty, feminine name of Latin origin that means ‘youth’.

Despite a fall in popularity, it’s still more common than similar sounding name Julie which is not even in the top 1000!


There were three spelling variants of the name Darcey in the top 100 girl names last year but only ‘Darcie’ remains.

It’s a french name that can also be a surname but despite it having a real popularity spike across the last few years it’s now becoming far less common.

This spelling dropped 24 spots this year.


Just outside the top 100 is quintessentially-royal name Victoria (ranked 101).

While Queen Victoria is arguably one of the most famous queens in all of history, the name has been declining in popularity in the UK for the last few years.

With lots of potential nicknames like the obvious Vicky, to more unusual shortenings like Tor, it’s still a strong name that offers lots of options.


389 people named their baby girl Leah last year compared to 546 the previous year.

It’s a biblical name with Hebrew origins and a slightly unusual meaning of ‘weary’ but could be thought of in a more positive light of ‘relaxed’ or ‘chilled’.

If you’re hoping for a calm baby this could be a great choice.


Whilst it’s a popular welsh name, Megan is dropping in favour across England and Wales combined.

The name has a really pretty meaning of ‘little pearl’.

Although we thought Meghan Markle might bring the name back into fashion, we’ve yet to see a spike in popularity in the UK just yet.

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