Hybrid Baby Names: Clever or Crazy?

Expectant parents are sure to argue about many things, but one of the biggest rows you and your partner will have is probably about what you should name your child. Imagine this: both of you have your ideal names and neither are going to budge. You want to name your baby Sally, but your partner… Read More

Top 10 Baby Names in Australia

Ever wondered what the most popular baby names Down Under are? Look no further because Australia’s National Births, Deaths and Marriages registry has released data for the most popular baby names in the country for 2015. With the birth of Princess Charlotte back in May, the popularity of the name soared in Australia, making it… Read More

A New Father’s Journey: Week 4

Hello and welcome back to Unbelievably, this small speck of life announced its arrival loud and clear in the first trimester. Not only with morning sickness, but also noon and night sickness. This sudden hormone overload left Ana unsure if she was coming or going. I didn’t stand a chance. To contain it, I thought Ana… Read More

A Rose By Any Other Name

Rose has been a popular name throughout the years, most likely because it conjures up feelings of romance and beauty. It is currently number 62 in the database, and the name is taken directly from the name of flower. Probably because of the general elegance of the name, it has become the moniker for many celebrities… Read More

A New Father’s Journey: Week 3

Hello everybody and welcome back to I hope your baby name quest has been going well this week. Not so long ago, one of Ana’s family members, an English teacher, informed us that she taught twins, one of which was named Benson. Benson was pleasantly different, I thought. The other twin was named Hedges.… Read More

How Much is Your Baby’s Name Worth?

Most parents would say that naming their child is something you can’t put a price on. Erfolgswelle, on the other hand, would say otherwise. What – or who – are they, you ask? Erfolgswelle, a professional “naming” company from Switzerland, will help you find the perfect name for your little one…all for the cool price… Read More

A New Father’s Journey: Week 2

Hello and welcome again to As I said last week, I would like to take you back to the beginning of mine and Ana’s baby adventure, and where else to start but at our surprise (and believe me, it was a surprise!) on discovering that we were pregnant. Ana and I hadn’t been trying as… Read More

A New Father’s Journey: Week 1

Hi, and welcome to the new and improved My name is Ryan, and I have been asked to write a blog about my experiences as a new father, starting from conception, or thereabouts. I haven’t been asked because I am a writer or because I will be able to provide you with words of… Read More

Welcome to!

Welcome to! If you’ve been here before, welcome back! You may have noticed that looks different – that’s because we’ve revamped the whole website, all for your benefit. We’ve been the most popular UK baby names website for nearly ten years but now it’s even better! We hope you like our new website… Read More

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