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The Top 40 Boys and Top 40 Girls from 2013…so far!

April 2, 2013  |  Filed under: General names, Name popularity  |  Written by:

With a quarter of the year already been and gone we can take a quick peek at the names which might be hitting the charts towards the end of the 2013. There are some surprises in the top 40s for both boys and girls, and some of the old favourites have remained in their perennial positions. Although remember, we’re only three months into the year, there is plenty of time for change!

Girls, Girls, Girls

Unsurprisingly we see the evergreen names fall into our top 40, and who is to argue any reason why they should not be there, parents love them and they will be around for generations to come. Consequently names such as Olivia, Charlotte, Jessica, Chloe and Sophie have all hit the top 40 so far this year. That being said there are some more interesting entries into the top 40, and perhaps it signals a change in attitudes.

Names such as Beatrice, Evelyn, Florence and Scarlett have all made it into the top 40 in the first three months of 2013, and it is these ‘grandparent’ names that are making a strong comeback in the early part of the year. These kinds of names fluctuate with the times, and there is no doubt that in another 10 to 15 years they will be out of fashion yet again – but if you want your baby to have a trendsetting name it looks like ‘old fashioned’ is the way to go.

Boys Will Be Boys

As with the girls we see the favourites returning to the top of the charts with names such as James, Oliver, Alfie and Harry all remaining in the top 40. Likewise the traditional royal names, such as William and Charlie (Charles) which are always a strong favourite amongst parents-to-be.

Surprisingly there has also been an increase in what could be termed ‘posh’ names hitting the boys charts, with baby names such as Sebastian, Toby and Jasper reaching the top 40 – this could be signalling a change in peoples opinions over these names, that perhaps at one time were the sole choice of the upper classes. The stigma attached to these names seems to have disappeared, and they may stay in our 2013 chart for the rest of the year.


Check out the charts below to see if your baby names have reached the top 40 in 2013 so far.

1. Ava
2. Freya
3. Ella
4. Imogen
5. Grace
6. Amelia
7. Olivia
8. Mia
9. Scarlett
10. Eva
11. Isla
12. Alice
13. Willow
14. Amber
15. Florence
16. Charlotte
17. Sophia
18. Poppy
19. Ruby
20. Evie
21. Rose
22. Abigail
23. Amelie
24. Esme
25. Violet
26. Erin
27. Daisy
28. Finley
29. Matilda
30. Sienna
31. Isabella
32. Jessica
33. Chloe
34. Sophie
35. Ivy
36. Elsie
37. Evelyn
38. Beatrice
39. Summer
40. Heidi
1. Noah
2. Oscar
3. Oliver
4. Isaac
5. Jacob
6. Dylan
7. Ethan
8. Leo
9. Alfie
10. Harry
11. Charlie
12. Sebastian
13. William
14. Lucas
15. Jack
16. Theo
17. Logan
18. Joshua
19. Henry
20. Toby
21. Archie
22. Jasper
23. Riley
24. Benjamin
25. James
26. Bailey
27. Max
28. Seth
29. Blake
30. Harrison
31. Finley
32. Dexter
33. Reuben
34. Samuel
35. George
36. Aiden
37. Thomas
38. Harley
39. Daniel
40. Milo

If you want to look at more boys or girls names, check out our boys name section, and girls name section.


  • Macho Man Randy Savage

    What the hell’s wrong with Sebastian?!

  • bernadette

    my new grandaughter is Elizabeth joy and her parents are Sophia and William. I think we are out of step with the current trend!

  • Emily

    Man I loved the name Oscar but it is clearly way too popular now. Same happened with my daughter’s name. Nothing worse than going to play groups and meeting two other children of the same name. Back to the drawing board….

  • Carys

    Yeah I’m a midwife and delivered three Oscars this week…. Becoming quite a boring name like Sophia, Oliver and Freya. ON my list to avoid. Can’t wait to find out the sex now.

  • laura

    When we picked our name for our daughter Sophia it was 86 , that was 7 years ago, but we still love the name even though its more popular and in no way is it ‘boring’. Our son is Luciano-very unusual thankfully :) we love Italian names .

  • Sezi84

    I have an Oliver he is 8, An Ella she is 5, Harrison born feb 18th 13. 2 not on the lists -Riley and Maddison

  • Sezi84

    Whoops just seen Riley is 23.

  • Emily

    Can’t believe Emily isn’t on this

  • niamh17

    When I called mt daughter Isabelle 20 years ago everybody used to comment on how unusual it was to hear it, now we are knee deep in little Issy’s and it drives her batty, So who can tell when you pick a nice name which way the trends will go?

  • Rupert

    Rupert … After the bear ! Amazing name and one amazing bear !

  • rachel

    My son is named James. We picked it because we didnt want to give him a stupid fashion name. Yes james is in the top 40 but its a classic name that he can grow with. Plus he gets called jimmy by our grandparents and jaffa/jammy by the OH friends which doesnt really bother me he will always be my james.

  • Bethany

    Oh dear!! I didn’t realise Elsie has become popular, I love that name!!

  • Jennifer Howell

    is it just me thinking they’re all the names from Twilight? Bella, Rose, Alice, Esme, Jasper, Seth, Jacob, Charlie. Get some originality guys ]:

  • Yvonne Atkinson

    I totally agree, I called my first son James he’s 27 now and although all his friends call him jimmy, he’s always my James, my Second son is Jak, both boys were named after their grandad’s My daughter is Sophie named after my great grandmother, I love all of their names and like you say they will grow with them and never sound silly

  • Babysoon2014

    Where do you live? What are the other too popular names?

  • Natalie Kenny

    My daughter is nearly 10 and called Marni I knew from day one that was going to be her name,I’m yet to see it on any baby name lists and know of no one by the name at school or anywhere where we live that either means its possibly one of the least liked names ever or I did a really good job in choosing a name that is individual to her and not one of 5 or 6 in the class.

  • parsnip1980

    our son’s are noah & isaac, first and forth on this list – but when we chose them never this popular – just go with what you love these lists come and go! we don’t don’t any other noahs or isaacs! x

  • chloe

    my frends chloe and thomas are there they are gilfrend and boyfrend

  • lillie lewis

    MY loveley frend chloe and tom!

  • Ian Reid

    Our 2 year old son is called jonny which everyone hated at first except for us but now everyone loves it .We dropped the h to modenise itand it is also based on mums dad who died at a very young age . its a classic movie name from the mid 20th century and really suits him not even in top 100.