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Gender: Girl Meaning: Entire Origin: German Pronunciation: EM muh Related Names: Ema, Ema

Emma: Popularity

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55th most popular girls name in the UK

1,149 recorded births
in 2012

User rating:  Star: on Star: on Star: on Star: on Star: off ( 4.11 from 717 votes )

Additional information about the name Emma:

Originally a Frankish name, Emma is a short form of names including Ermintrude, where 'erm' means 'entire'. Introduced to England by the Normans, the name grew in popularity thanks to it being the name of Edward the Confessor's mother. Existed in moderation in the 20th century, until the 1970s, since which it has continued to grow in visibility. Namesakes include Emma Bunton (singer). Other references include Jane Austen novel 'Emma', and a large asteroid discovered in 1899.

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