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About Evie

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Evie’s Popularity: #14

While the name Evie is technically a diminutive of Eve and Evelyn, it has actually become incredibly popular as a name in its own right – on trend with the increase in nicknames as chosen first names.

Detailed Meaning of Evie

Evie is a Hebrew name, and as a diminutive of Eve it means “life” or “living”.

It’s incredibly popular now in the UK – and is the most popular ‘nickname’ girl’s name currently.

Eve has a strong religious connotation as Eve was believed to be the first woman and the “mother of the living”.

Famous People With This Name

The two most famous Evies are not from recent times. Evie Greene was an English actress and singer who was most known for prominent roles in Edwardian musical comedies and Evie Hone was an Irish painter and stained glass artist.

Evie Sands is an american musician with a career lasting over 50 years.

Possible Nicknames for Evie

As Evie is already a nickname of sorts, it’s not particularly easy to shorten. Eve could be a nickname or even just “E”.

Similar Names to Evie

Eve and Evelyn or Evangalina and Evita are longer form versions of the name. Edie is a very similar sounding name and Eva is another short name with a similar ring to it.

Stories Featuring This Name

Evie Carnahanwa was the lead female character in the popular 90s film The Mummy.

Evie was the daughter of the Evil Queen in the film Descendants, played by Sofia Carson.

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