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Gender: Girl Meaning: Origin: English Pronunciation: IN dee Related Names: Indi, Indy

Indie: Popularity

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2403rd most popular girls name in the UK

185 recorded births
in 2012

User rating:  Star: on Star: on Star: on Star: on Star: off ( 3.51 from 217 votes )

Additional information about the name Indie:

Indie seems to have come about as a pet form of the names India and Indigo. Its meaning can therefore vary. India comes from the name of the country and began as a name in the 70s when Indian culture became a real interest in British society. This gives the name connotations of exoticism. It was used before this however in Margaret Mitchell’s novel ‘Gone With The Wind’. Indigo comes from the name for the colour which is a shade of blue, the name is becoming increasingly popular.

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