Pronunciation:in a yah

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About Inayah

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This is a fairly culturally-orientated name and is most likely not used outside of Arabic families. However, if you’re looking for a unique name with a lovely meaning, Inayah is a great choice.

Detailed Meaning

The female name Inayah has various spelling variations including Inaya, Inaiya, Inaaya and Inyiah, however it is often shortened to the pet form of Innie or Inny. However, the spelling Inaaya changes the meaning to ‘gift from God’ or ‘one to behold’.

Famous People With This Name

As this is a fairly rare name, there are not very many people who are famous who also have this name.

Possible Nicknames

As touched upon above, Innie or Inny are pet forms of the name Inayah. Both of these nicknames sound very affectionate and cute.

Related Names

Inayah can be spelt in many ways, as stated above, but do not get it confused with Inaaya as that has a different meaning altogether.

Stories Featuring This Name

Because it is a fairly rare name, we cannot track down any stories that feature this name, unfortunately. However, it is the name of a prominent Islamic clothing store.

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