Baby Boy Names For Baby Girls

Unlike unisex names that can work equally well for both genders, today we have a list of feminised boy names that are commonly used for girls. These names would be perfect for anyone who has a daughter but wants to name them after a male family figure or if you just love the sound of these names!


Alexandra is the feminine form of Alexander and became popular in the UK after Alexandra of Denmark’s marriage to Edward VII.


A feminine equivalent of the masculine Brian and also a variant of the American name Breanna.


Carla is a feminine version of the English name Carl. As such, it means ‘free man.’ It first came into general use in the 1940s.


A French feminine form of the Hebrew name Daniel and is a popular name in Britain.


Elvie is a variant of the feminine Irish name Elva. It is thought that the original Gaelic name is Ailbhe, which means ‘bright white.’


First rising to popularity in Scotland in the 18th century, the name Georgina is the feminine version of the Greek name George, meaning ‘farmer.’


Harriet is an anglicised version of the French name Henriette, the feminine form of Henry. It rst appeared in the 17th century then rose in popularity over the next 200 years.


Jacqueline is the feminine diminutive form of Jacques, the French version of James.


Nicole is the French feminine form of Nicholas, meaning ‘victory of the people.’


Patricia is the feminine version of the Gaelic name Patrick. Both names derive from the Latin ‘patricius,’ a title given to a nobleman, so the name means ‘noble.’