10 Baby Girl Names Set to Explode in Popularity in 2019

Following our predictions on the top 10 baby boy names for 2019, we’ve reviewed the latest stats from The Office for National Statistics to bring you the baby girl names we’ll all be hearing more of next year.

Names ending with ‘a’ and ‘e’ will remain very popular, as will traditional names – and there’s a number of Scottish names rising up the rankings.

Read on to find baby girl name inspiration from the hottest names of the moment…


Climbing a huge 25 places from last year’s ranking, this really pretty name, meaning “Dawn”, has been a popular choice since the nineteenth century but has really started to gain momentum in the last 12 months.

The namesake of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, it’s the perfect choice for your future princess.


Now just outside of the top 3 girls names, the name Ava saw the second biggest increase in popularity last year (up 34 places in the rankings) – and looking to the year ahead it could be the name to finally dethrone Olivia from the top spot.

A simple, stylish, name loved by a host of celebrity parents, you’ll be hearing of a lot more Ava’s in 2019.


A traditional Scottish name and phrase (meaning beautiful, good-natured and cheerful), Bonnie entered the top 100 most popular girls names for the first time last year.

The perfect choice for any happy baby girl or, thanks to the nursery rhyme about a child “born on the Sabbath day”, a baby born on a Sunday.


One of only two names in this list not to end in ‘e’ or ‘a’, Edith was another new entry into the top 100 last year, reappearing for the first time since 1934.

Previously thought to be quite old-fashioned, it’s the latest traditional English name to make a comeback.


Another name entering the top 100 (for the first time ever), Hallie, also spelt Hally and Halli, was previously thought to be quite an american-sounding name – but is now gaining more and more favour in the UK.

Also once a nickname for Harriet, like Albie on our boys list, it’s becoming increasingly popular as a name in its own right.


The biggest rising star in baby girl names, Isla jumped 62 places last year to come in at number 3.

Another name of Scottish origin – and made more famous by popular actress Isla Fisher – the reason for its huge recent surge in popularity is unclear but it’s certainly a name set to become way more common in 2019.

Ayla offers another variant of the name with a more unusual spelling.


American stars John Legend and Chrissy Teigen named their daughter Luna a couple of years ago and the name is definitely seeing a surge in popularity in the UK.

Coming from the latin word for moon, Luna is now in the top 50 for girls’ names.


Close in sounds to Isla, Lyla, ranked 96th last year, is gradually climbing the rankings so offers a still fairly unique (but growing in popularity) name for baby girls next year.

Said to derive from the surname Lyle, it’s another example (like Hunter) of surnames infiltrating as first names more and more.


Yet another similar sounding name to the two above it (Isla, Lyla and Orla is quite a tongue-twister – are you spotting the trend?), Orla was the final new entry into the top 100 ranking last year.

Up 19 places it has the lovely meaning of golden princess.


Flower-inspired names were once incredibly popular, and Poppy is now seeing a resurgence – replacing Jessica in the top 10 names for girls at number 8 and overtaking Lily as the most-popular floral name (Lily actually dropped by 3 places to number 10).

It’s a great seasonal name for babies born in November.

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