Meaning:miracles of the quran


Pronunciation:ah yat


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About Aayat

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This is a fairly culturally-orientated name and is most likely not used outside of Arabic families. It is also very much rooted in the Quran and Islamic faith, so would be perfect for parents who are Muslim.

Detailed Meaning

Aayat is a feminine name that comes from an Islamic word which refers to the verses of the Quran. It is used by Muslim parents and is of Arabic origin. It also has the associative meanings of ‘miracles’ or ‘proof’ that describe the verses in the Quran.

Famous People With This Name

Ayat Al-Qurmezi is a poet from Bahrain who became famous for reading a controversial poem that criticised the Bahraini government.

Possible Nicknames

Pet forms of Aayat could include Ay, AyAy or Yat. All of these are quite cute and affectionate.

Related Names

Aayat can also be spelt Ayat, and both names mean the same thing.

Stories Featuring This Name

There are not many stories featuring this name, although there is an Ayat river in Kazakhstan, a Lebanese metal band called Ayat and an Indonesian film called “Ayat-Ayat Cinta.”

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