Baby Names Meaning Paradise

If you want a baby name meaning paradise, then look no further than our list of baby names below! All of the names below mean paradise or heaven and they all have something to do with a sense of finding your perfect place.


Celeste is a French name now seen across the English-speaking world. It comes from the Latin ‘caelestis,’ meaning ‘heavenly.’ In Greek mythology Celesta is the sister of Hades.


Divine is a girl’s name which is a variant of Divina. Divine has religious implications and the name means ‘heavenly’ or ‘of heaven.’


Eden may be considered a short form of Edith, but is more likely to be used in relation to the ‘garden of Eden’ where, according to the Bible, Adam and Eve lived in paradise.


Elysia is a name that comes from the Latin Elysium, the destination of the blessed after death and equivalent to Christianity’s heaven.


The Arabic name Jannah refers to the Islamic paradise or ‘garden of heaven’ and is a popular name with Muslim parents.


Manahil is a variant of the name Minahil, which is of Urdu origin. Some sources claim the name means ‘atmosphere of paradise.’


Rayan is a unisex name which is said to refer to the gates of heaven in Islamic belief. Rayan is also a title used in India to distinguish those in power. As well as having Arabic roots, Rayan has origins in the Persian language where it is said to derive from the name Rayhan.


This name is used by Muslim parents and comes from an Arabic word meaning ‘heaven.’


Zunairah is an unusual name of Arabic origin. It may mean ‘flower of paradise.’

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