Baby Names Meaning Powerful

We all a want our children to grow up powerful and strong, so why not give them a name that reflects this? The baby names below all have something to do with power and strength and would be perfect for any little boy or girl.


An unusual name given to boys, Alpha is also the first letter of the Greek alphabet. It is sometimes used as a word to describe the strongest male in a pack of animals.


Azaan is a spelling variation of Azan, which is Hebrew in origin and can be found in the Old Testament. It means ‘power.’


This name is thought to derive from the biblical name ‘El,’ which means ‘powerful,’ and ‘Sha’ which means ‘to help and deliver.’ It can also be considered a variant of the name Alisha, meaning ‘noble.’


It is possible that this name derives from the Arabic word ‘hamuza,’ which means ‘strong.’ This name was used by one of Muhammad’s uncles and is favoured by Muslim parents. Hamza is also a letter in the Arabic alphabet.


Kendrick is an English surname that means ‘keen power.’ It is also an Old Welsh and Scottish given name where it means ‘summit’ and ‘son of Henry’ respectively.


Laith is an uncommon Arabic boy’s name which means ‘lion,’ ‘strong’ or ‘brave.’ It is more commonly seen as a surname in the Arabic world.


Leonidas was borne by the legendary King of Sparta who is said to have held off the entire Persian army with only 300 of his guard. To this day the name carries connotations of bravery and strength.


Ricardo is a variation of the German name Richard, meaning ‘powerful.’ It is often found in Italy.


Proving to be an enduringly popular given name, Richard is of Frankish origin and was introduced to the UK by the Normans. The name is particularly associated with Richard I, who earned the nickname ‘lionheart.’ It means ‘powerful.’


Valentino is a variant of the Latin boy’s name Valentine, meaning ‘strong’ or ‘healthy.’ It is a common name in Italy and among Italian Americans.

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