Baby Names Meaning Protector

The theme of this baby name list is ‘protection’ and all of the names below either have something to do with protection itself or it means ‘protector’ or ‘guardian.’ These are names that are perfect for any parent who want their baby to grow up protected and protecting others in return.


An Old Roman name of uncertain origin. It could derive from Antonius, a popular Latin name which itself is thought to have spawned from Adonis, an ancient Greek god. A common shortening of this name is Tony and the name means ‘protector.’


Asim is a popular Arabic boy’s name meaning ‘protector, guardian and defender.’


Darius is a name of Persian origin and was borne by the king of the Persians in 6th century BC. It means ‘guardian.’


The name Kiva is closely related to the Hebrew name Akiva, meaning ‘protector.’  Though typically considered a girl’s name, it is in fact unisex.


Liam was originally a shortened version of the name William, but is now a name in its own right. It means ‘protection.’


Ned is a pet form of Ed-ward, but also a name in its own right. It means ‘wealthy guardian.’


Ray is a shortened form of Raymond, but is also given as a name in its own right. Although Ray is a speci cally masculine name, many of its spelling variants are favoured for girls. It means ‘decision protector.’


Toni is the feminine form of the male name Tony, and it could also be a shortened version of Antonia. As such, it shares the same meaning of ‘protector.’


Warren would have been a common name for someone hailing from the French village of La Varrenne. It also has roots in the German language. It means ‘protector.’


This name was introduced to England by the Normans, and was in fact the name of the conqueror himself. In the first century after the conquest it was the most common name in all of Britain. It has risen in popularity following the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The name means ‘protection.’

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