Top 10 Names for June

June has just flown by in a blaze of good weather and a long heat wave, which was very much welcomed. Now we’re winding down to the end of the month, so you all know what that means – it’s time to see which names were the most popular on our website this month!

Zayan has finally been displaced from first place for the first time in four months and has been replaced by the newcomer, Ayat.

Other new names include Iqra and Sonny, while we also see the return of the boy’s name, Finlay, to the list.

Yet again, Sumaiya, Darcie and Iyla are still prove to be very popular girls names and all of them have merely shifted around several places this month, but have remained in the top ten.

Check out the name list below!

1) Ayat  (NEW)

2) Zayan  (↓1)

3) Iqra (NEW)

4) Anam (↓1)

5) Sumaiya  (↓3)

6) Iyla (↓1)

7) Beau (↑2)

8) Sonny (NEW)

9) Finlay (NEW)

10) Darcie (↓6)

Note: This is data from and should not be taken as official data from any government bodies. 

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